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We know how bad you feel about your excess weight or your disproportionate body. We believe this affects your self-confidence, lowers your self-esteem and may also lead to a lot of health problems such as high blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes, back pain, and so on. Therefore, Nu Cosmetic Clinic offers sophisticated treatments to help you get rid of those localized stubborn pockets of fat and get back into shape within the shortest span of time.

We, at Nu Cosmetic Clinic, have a dedicated team of skilled professionals who are experts in administering surgical as well as non-surgical treatments pertaining to weight loss. We, take every precaution to make sure you do not have to face any kind of side effects either during or after the treatment. By offering utmost support at all stages right from consultation to after care, we make sure you achieve what you desire in the safest and most effective way. We offer different types of treatments such as:

  • Ultra Lipolysis

    Ultra Lipolysis can help you get rid of your fat accumulation in a painless way without any cuts or incisions. It uses ultrasound energy to break down fat cells, which are then drained out, re-absorbed or metabolized by your body. It gives you a toned appearance.

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  • Non-Surgical RF Skin Tightening

    Loose or sagging skin can be quite common with people who have experienced significant weight loss. This treatment tightens up your skin by using radio frequency to heat up the deep layers of your skin and stimulate the production of more collagen.

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  • Gastric Bypass

    Gastric Bypass is a surgery through which we create a small upper stomach pouch through stapling. The larger part of the stomach and the small intestine get bypassed during the process of digestion. As a result a small portion of food can help satisfy you.

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  • Gastric Banding

    Gastric banding is one of the least invasive weight loss procedures. It involves the placement of an adjustable silicon band across your stomach so as to create a smaller stomach. It works by delaying the progression of food into your intestine.

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  • Gastric Balloon

    In this procedure a silicone balloon that is soft and expandable is placed inside your stomach through a process of endoscopy in order to decrease the capacity of your stomach. This treatment can help you stick to your diet, without feeling hungry continuously.

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  • Diet Planning and Counselling

    Apart from offering different kinds of weight loss treatments, Nu Cosmetic Clinic also offers personalized meal plans through expert dieticians. A thorough analysis of your body composition is done and your nutritional needs determined, before suggesting the diet plan.

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You can discuss your problem with our experts by calling us or sending us an email. You can even drop in at any of our clinics at Koramangala - Bangalore, Whitefield – Bangalore or Khar – Mumbai. We would be glad to help you anyway we can.

**Note : Result may vary from person to person and case to case

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