When diets and exercises fail to help you shed those excess pounds, a better way to get into shape would be to go for a weight loss surgery. Advancements in technology have introduced different types of bariatric that help you cut down a major portion of your weight by reducing the capacity of your stomach.

How do Weight loss surgeries work?

Weight loss surgeries are of different types. All these aim at reducing your intake and helping you stick to a diet that will eventually cause weight loss. They make you feel fuller by eating smaller quantities of food and delay the process of digestion so that you don’t feel hungry too often.

Types of Weight Loss Surgeries:

Nu Cosmetic offers various kinds of weight loss surgeries to help you lose that extra weight you have been trying to reduce over the past few years without much of success. The professionals in our team are experts in their fields and have a vast experience in carrying out different kinds of surgeries with minimal or no side effects. The weight loss surgeries we offer include:

  • Vaser Liposuction

    If it is just those stubborn pockets of fat in certain areas of your body that you want to eliminate, Vaser Liposuction could be an excellent choice. This procedure involves the use of Vaser (Vibration Amplification of sound energy at resonance) and sound energy to liquefy the fat cells in the targeted areas of your body and their elimination through suction.

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  • Sleeve Gastrectomy

    A large portion of your stomach will be removed in this surgery, leaving only about 15% intact. This 15% resembles a long sleeve which is why the procedure gets the name sleeve gastrectomy. Food absorption will be normal here as there is no disconnection or reconnection of intestine. You can feel fuller even by having liquids only.

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  • Gastric Bypass

    In this procedure a smaller upper stomach is created through stapling. The small intestine is then adjusted to connect to both the parts of the stomach. The food that is consumed will bypass a large part of the small intestine, causing a reduction in the absorption of food and nutrients. By reducing the capacity of your stomach, this surgery cuts down your intake.

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  • Gastric Banding

    The gastric banding is the least invasive of all procedures.
    An adjustable silicon band is placed around the stomach to create a small stomach. Small quantity of food can fill up the small stomach providing satisfaction/satiety to the person.

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  • Gastric Ballon

    The Intra Gastric Balloon is a non-surgical aid in the treatment of obesity. The Intra Gastric Balloon is a soft, expandable; silicone balloon placed inside the stomach via endoscopy (enters through the mouth and into the stomach with or without sedation).

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Weight Loss Surgery Results

The results of the weight loss surgery depend upon the type of surgery you go for and the way your body actually reacts to the surgery. Nevertheless, these results vary from person to person. Although the results start becoming evident in about a month or so from the day of surgery, you will have to wait for about 6 to 12 months to see the complete results of the weight loss surgery. You will have to however follow the instructions given by the specialist carefully.

Weight Loss Surgery Recovery

Most of the weight loss surgeries, apart from Vaser liposuction would require about four to seven days of recovery time. You may have to stay for about two days in the hospital except in the case of gastric balloon surgery and Vaser Lipo where you can return home the same day. It is better to take a week or two off from work so as to avoid stress and tension. It is better to keep away from strenuous exercises and activities.

Weight Loss Surgery Side Effects

At Nu Cosmetic we have experts who take every possible precaution to make sure you don’t face any kind of side effects or complications. Apart from the usual symptoms which are temporary, you should not face any harsh consequences. In case you do come across any bleeding or infections, it is important to inform the doctor right away so that things can be corrected instantly.

Weight Loss Surgery Cost

The cost of weight loss surgery depends upon the type of surgery you go in for. This will be more evident when you come for a consultation session during which one of our experts will thoroughly evaluate your condition, suggest the right treatment and estimate the amount that you will have to spend on your treatment. If you have any queries, they will all be clarified at this stage.

Weight Loss Surgery Review

We, at Nu Cosmetic, have performed many weight loss surgeries and helped many clients achieve their desired results. Most of them have been very pleased with the kind of results they have seen after the surgery. While some of these have recommended our services to their friends and relatives, there are many who have written positive reviews that we have put up on our testimonial page.

Weight Loss Surgery FAQs

[WPSM_AC id=7527] Give us a call or send us an email if you have any queries regarding the treatments that we offer. You can even drop in at your convenience to any of our clinics at Whitefield-Bangalore, Koramangala-Bangalore or Khar-Mumbai.
**Note : Result may vary from person to person and case to case

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