It is in the recent few years that men have started becoming more and more conscious about their appearance. More and more men have now started realizing the importance of eyebrows when it comes to improving their appearance.Those who experience hair loss in their eyebrows are looking out for solutions to restore their eyebrows. Thanks to Eyebrow Transplant – This is now very much possible.

Causes of Eyebrow Hair Loss

Eyebrow Hair loss affects men as much as it affects women. The causes for such loss include:

Androgenic Alopecia:

This is a genetic auto immune disorder where in the immune system of your body starts attacking your hair follicles. Although this generally affects the loss of the hair on your head, in severe cases, it might affect your eyebrows too.

Aging: As you grow older, your hair starts to get dryer and thinner. This can cause hair loss in various parts of your body including your eyebrows.

Atopic Dermatitis or Eczema: This is a condition where you will experience an inflammation of your skin that can lead to redness and some itching. In case this affects the skin around your eyebrows, it might cause eyebrow hair loss.

Nutritional Deficiencies: A balanced diet is very much essential for healthy hair. Deficiencies of essential nutrients such as iron, zinc, proteins and Vitamins can cause eyebrow hair loss in some people.

Hypothyroidism: This is another condition that might cause eyebrow hair loss. The main cause for hypothyroidism is generally an iodine deficiency.

In addition to the above, certain types of cancers and certain medications can also cause eyebrow hair loss.

Symptoms of Eyebrow Hair loss:

Eyebrow hair loss may be a mild density loss, occurrence of small patches or even a total hair loss. You may start noticing thinning of your outer eyebrows first. It is better to report this condition immediately as your doctor may have to do some tests to rule out hypothyroidism or the Hashimoto’s disease. Such conditions may be treated with medications if diagnosed early. After some point of time, your eyebrow hair might start growing back and if not, there is always eyebrow transplant to resort to.

Diagnosis of Eyebrow Hair Loss:

An examination of your eyebrows will tell the doctor about the pattern of your hair loss. At times, your doctor may also prescribe a blood test to rule out certain conditions that might require you to take certain medications. In certain rare cases, a biopsy of the skin around your eyebrows may be required too.

Eyebrow Transplant Procedure:

Eyebrow Transplant involves Follicular Unit Extraction, a sophisticated hair transplant procedure where in the hair follicles are removed individually from the back of your head (which is known as the donor area), and transplanted on to your eyebrow area to achieve healthy and natural looking eyebrows. This treatment is capable of:

  • Reshaping and re-sculpting the shape of your eyebrows
  • Replacing hair that are lost due to genetic disorders such as alopecia

The arrangement and positioning of the hair follicles are given extra focus, so as to follow the natural orientation of your eyebrows.

How it works

  • A local anesthetic is first applied onto your donor area and your eyebrow area (recipient site) so that you do not feel any kind of pain or discomfort during the procedure.
  • The hair in your donor area would be trimmed up to a length of 1 mm. Using a punch that creates a round circular incision across the follicular unit, these hair follicles are then extracted one by one for the purpose of transplantation
  • Then the grafts are prepared under a microscope
  • Tiny incisions are then created in your eyebrow area
  • The individual hair follicles are then inserted into these incisions, taking care to follow the orientation of your eyebrow hair in terms of angle and positioning

Results of Eyebrow Transplant:

eyebrow transplant
**Note : Result may vary from person to person and case to case

Eyebrow Transplant Reviews:

Our experts at Nu Cosmetic Clinic have worked on many patients to give them the perfect shaped eyebrows they have always dreamed of. Many of our clients have been thoroughly impressed with the kind of results we have helped them in achieving. In fact some of them have even written reviews that you can read on our testimonial page. This should give you an idea of what you can expect from us.

**Note : Result may vary from person to person and case to case

Cost of Eyebrow Transplant:

Eyebrow transplant is definitely much more affordable than a scalp transplant as the number of grafts to be placed is lesser. However, the exact amount that you may have to spend on your eyebrow transplant can be estimated only after taking into account the exact number of grafts that you will require to achieve the required shape and density. Contacting our experts for a consultation session is an excellent way to find out the cost of your eyebrow transplant.


At Nu, we know that cosmetic enhancement is a private and personal matter and we strongly believe in keeping all details completely confidential. We promise that all details of your dealings with us, from consultation appointments to your procedure and aftercare will be kept completely private and confidential. We will only discuss it with people you have explicitly nominated such as your partner or other named next of kin.

**Note : Result may vary from person to person and case to case