Hospitals & Clinics

We have clinics in major cities like Bangalore and Mumbai. All our clinics are located in Beams Hospital premises and we maintain stringent standards of quality and care for all our procedures.

    How to find us?

    Bangalore Koramangala

    Five Steps to a Nu You!

    Step 1: Expert Consultation

    The first step is to get consultation with any of our highly trained Patient Co-ordinators.

    Step 2: Free Consultation with Surgeon (for surgical procedures)

    Following your meeting with one of our Patient Co-ordinators, a FREE surgical consultation will be arranged for surgical procedures. The Surgeon will take the time to fully discuss with you all of your aesthetic goals. We believe strongly in education and information because it ensures that each individual arrives at a decision that is best for them.

    Step 3: Pre-Operative Screening with a Nurse

    Our experienced Nurse will go through a methodical pre-operative medical screening to ensure you are fit and healthy. The nurse will be able to explain what will happen on the day of surgery and everything you can expect in terms of recovery and aftercare.

    Step 4: Surgery (for surgical procedures)

    Your surgery will take place at our authorised hospital. On the day, the Surgeon and Anaesthetist will go through the process and information again with you.

    Step 5: Aftercare

    We are committed to offering exceptional Care to our patients before, during and after surgery. With our Lifetime Aftercare Plan our commitment to you extends beyond your surgery.

    **Note : Result may vary from person to person and case to case